4 Ways to Get Rid of Birds without Killing Them

While it may be relaxing to watch the Joliet birds in their natural environment, they can be destructive and irritating once they settle within our property. If you are looking for a method that will help you deal with the bird invasion, you can start by employing simple scare tactics. In case this failed to work, you should use a more aggressive approach such as exclusion and removal of the birds.

Non-Lethal Methods to Get Rid of the Birds
Understand that most of the bird species is protected under the state and federal law. Therefore, you should look for a method that will be effective in driving them away but will not harm them. Here are some of the good solutions you can use for your bird problem.

Scare Tactics
The traditional way of scaring the Joliet birds is still effective. Scarecrows can be purchased at the local craft store or garden shop. You can also make your own scarecrow using simple materials like straws and woods. You should introduce scarecrow in the area where the birds are roosting. You may have to change the position of the scarecrow after a few days and change the clothes of the scarecrow to ensure that the birds will not be too comfortable in the presence of scarecrow. Decoys can also be used to scare the Illinois birds. Using owl and snake decoys can be effective but only for a limited time. Some birds are clever and can easily determine that the decoys are fake and will not pose them any threat. Just like the scarecrow, you should also change the position of the decoys after three days.

Motion Activated Water Sprinkler
This may not be feasible if you are protecting a large space. However, it is still a good way to keep the birds off your pool and decks. Your motion activated sprinkler should be installed on the main area of your concern. You can buy online or at a nearby garden store. The pressure released by the water sprinkler will be strong enough to scare them. It will not cause any form of injury.

Adopt a Dog or Cat
There are species of cat and dog who have enough energy to chase the birds. For instance, the sheepdog and border collies are quite good in guarding your lawn and chasing birds. You should encourage your dogs to stay in your garden. Walk them in your yard during the early morning and before the night sets in. According to the study, a sheepdog that is patrolling the beach line can reduce the presence of sea gull by as much as 99%.

Use Bird Nettings
Your local garden store will be selling plastic and nylon mesh. You will have to use posts and stake that will serve as the framework for the vegetable garden or the tree that you are planning to protect. Cover the vulnerable plants and bushes with nets in order to deter the birds from building nests.

These are some of the most effective way to keep the birds away from your property. You can also install bird spikes that will prevent them from roosting on the key areas of your house.

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