Effective Ways to Get Rid of Raccoons Without Killing Them

Raccoons are smart urban creatures. They can sneak through your garbage and the holes in your house. They will eat the food of our pets and contaminate it. Once the cold weather arrives, they might choose to stay in your house. This can lead to a significant damage to your property. Fortunately, there are simple and effective method that can get rid of this nuisance creature. Furthermore, these methods are not meant to kill Joliet raccoons.

How to Keep the Illinois Raccoons Away without Killing Them
The raccoons will be visiting your property since there is something that draws their attention. Understanding the reasons behind their visit will help you minimize the unwanted visit from this creature. This is also a better solution than using chemical solution that might kill the non-targeted animals.

Keeping Them Out of Your Trashcan
Raccoons are scavengers. They will be hunting food scraps and decaying goods in our trashcan. To keep them away from your trashcan, this should come with a secured lid. You can secure it with a bungee cord, rope, or chain. You can also place a heavy object on top of the cover. It should at least have a weight of 20lbs to ensure that the adult raccoons will not be able to push it. You may also invest on a garbage can that comes with locks and latches.

It is also recommended to clean your trashcan regularly. Be sure that there will be no waste residue lingering outside of it. You may wash them using your garden hose at least once per week. When cleaning the inside of your garbage can, you can use a baking soda to eliminate the smell. You should also avoid putting the garbage at night. You can place it inside your garage at night or you may create a separate compartment for your trashcan.

Eliminating the Food Sources
Clean all the debris in your yard that can attract the attention of the raccoon. Sweep the fallen fruits habitually and make sure that the place is free from any food scraps. You should also pay attention to your pet food. It has a greasy and sweet smell that is irresistible for the raccoon. It is advisable to feed the pets indoor especially at night. In case this still didn’t work, then there might be other food sources for the raccoon in your yard. This can be a pond or your birdfeeder. The sunflower seeds will be tempting for the Joliet raccoons.

Seal the Access Point
You will have to identify the entry points of the raccoons. They will use a hole that has a diameter of about 3 inches. In case they are lurking in your attic, they can be using your vents, and dormers to access your house. You should check rub marks, scratches, and footprints to find the access point of the raccoon. When sealing the hole, be sure that the raccoon is already outside your house. If there is a nest filled with babies, you will have to encourage the mother raccoon to get the baby out before sealing it.

Finally, if things become too complex, hire the assistance of the professionals to get rid of the raccoon. They have safety measures to ensure that the animal will not be hurt during the process.

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